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Calls to action

Everyone scans, reads, and interprets information and messaging differently. You can try to anchor people‚Äôs eye movements with design, but not everyone is the same. Fear not! There are a few things that web designers, email marketers, and marketing managers can do to help get users to complete the desired behavior with savvy techniques: Calls […]

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Promoting Awareness

Create a path to sales by promoting awareness of your product or service. This infographic outlines a potential path from interest to sale. We have divided up the steps into funnel, share, socialize and respond.  

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Selling Your Story to Your Target Audience

Outline benefits The best way to engage someone’s interest or to get someone to act is by understanding their needs and their problems. You have a product, idea, or service that you’re looking to sell, great! Tell me about it… Tell me what it’s going to do to make my life easier. Tell me how […]

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