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About Marketbypixel

Fed up with a typical 9 to 5 Marketbypixel was born in the fall of 2014. Andy created a design consultancy that builds online and offline customer experiences that tell our clients’ stories. Our depth of experience enables us to get involved at any point in our clients’ customer buying or relationship cycle. Keep scrolling to learn more.

Who we’ve worked with

  • Canon BioMedical
  • Chertoff Group
  • Constellation
  • ComEd
  • Dominican Friars
  • Exelon
  • Nahigian Strategies
  • Resources for the Future
  • Tote, Inc.

Why hire us?

Natural Curiosity

We learn something new from every project and every client. If we implement new technology or a process we’ll create resources to help you and your team learn how to use or deploy it.

Working with us is pretty fun

We’re relaxed but committed. Solving your problem is more important than any individual team member’s ego or winning an award.

We’ll get it done

Give a reasonable deadline and we’ll make it happen. Sometimes we summon our magic beans and make the unreasonable ones happen too! We have rush fees in case you need your project to jump to the top of the queue.

Our Team

Who I’d love to work with
(that we’re not already working with now!)

Travel & Tourism

Andy Fisher | Owner & Creative Director

Andrew has worked with bringing online and offline campaigns and experiences to life for 14 years. He’s a creative and technical thinker that uses his experience to solve client problems efficiently. His specialty areas are non-profit, software/IT, energy/environment and healthcare.