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Our goal is to deliver smart, engaging and creative solutions with you. Our strengths are in digital event management, email campaigns, collateral marketing, and web design.

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“Every experience with your brand should be carefully crafted. We partner with our clients to build rich experiences (online and offline) that drive action and tell their story.”

Andrew Fisher | Founder MbPx

Why Mbpx?

01 We support your goals

02 We can do a lot with little direction

03 We take time to get it right

04 We build a long-term partnerships

Infographics Display Data With Impact

Infographics combine data, text, graphics, photography, and composition to support your narrative in order to better position your information and make it easily digestible to your audience and beyond. With these shareable graphic files, you can stay top-of-mind and create more engagement with your audience, your message, and your brand.

RECs explained Constellation

CAFE Standards for Cars

Constellation in the Community

Email Marketing Drive Audience Interaction

We have experience conceptualizing, designing, building and customizing messaging for major email platforms such as hubspot and MailChimp. Each email that we send has a testing process that optimizes the experience for the user’s viewing device.

Constellation Gift Card Campaign

Constellation Golf Championship

Body Camera Police Event Invite

Constellation NHL Winter Classic

User Experience Deliver Content with Style and efficiency

We tackle the complete process of user experience from site map to information architecture to interface design. We provide guidance about best practices for the web to make your sites and campaigns work for you.

Constellation Steelers energy forum event landing page

IntelliGenesis Careers page

Constellation Executive Technology Forum

Marketing Collateral print work

We can help out with print brochures, fact-sheets, direct mail and product packaging.

Resources for the Future Natural Gas Report

Vectorworks Direct Mail

Mt Airey Group Brochure

Ozone product packaging

Our Clients

Business Clients

Chertoff Group
Constellation / Exelon
Pericore / Ozone

Non-profit / NGO Clients

American Institute of Architecture
American Institute of Architecture Students
Dominican Friars
Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce
Howard Community College
Resources for the Future
Rosary Shrine of St. Jude

Our Team


Andrew Fisher | Owner & Creative Director

Andy is a creative and technical thinker that uses his experience to solve client problems efficiently. His specialty areas are non-profit, software, IT, energy, environment,  and healthcare. He is based in Miami Beach, Florida.

Why we should work together

01 We value the relationships with our clients and we work with you to support your goals.

02 Working with us pretty fun. We’re relaxed but committed.

03 Solving your problem is more important than our ego or winning an award. The most important thing is the work.

04 Flexible pricing and payment options. We bill monthly while we have active projects. We accept direct deposit, credit cards, or mailed checks are fine too.

05 We’ll get it done. Give a reasonable deadline and we’ll make it happen.

06 Practice, not dictate. We learn something new from every project and every client.

07 Training. If we implement new technology or a process we can create training documentation to teach you how.

08 The process:

Intake & Discovery

Strategic Planning

Design & Development


Track and Analyze Results

Adapt and Update

MbPx Strengths

Coding % of MbPx Work

55% HTML / Email Development
25% CSS
20% WordPress / CMS customization

Design % of MbPx Work

40%  Web design, email design, digital event management
35% Print design
10% Presentation Design (powerpoint prezi)
15% Infographics and Illustrtations

Let’s Talk!

Phone: (305) 814-4070

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